Why you must include Wanelo in your Social Media Marketing strategy

Why You Must Include Wanelo In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Popular items on your site are directly linked to interested people, making an increase in the click-through rate and positive sales. E-commerce is a great investment for your company, but if you include social media into this process you will have more success. Wanelo, founded in 2010, has 6 million registered users and about 70% of them, or 4 million, are active monthly. The site already has more than 5 million products posted by users and products have been saved 700 million times from 200,000 online stores. The types of products on the site range from high end large brands to small individual Etsy stores. Wanelo marketing is currently only relevant for companies that have online stores.

Why You Must Include Wanelo In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Look at your moodboard and see what inspired you that season, and then create different boards for each of your inspirations. Lastly, don’t forget to install the “Pin it” button on your Web site, making it super easy for your customers to pin items from your site to Pinterest. So as an e-commerce store owner, you should focus on the ones that will bring you the most traffic. Before you see our extensive list, let’s start with its definition. Not only will users get sales alerts if you submit your product data feed, the app will prioritize your products and give them more visibility.

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However, scaling your business will definitely create the requirement of adding more workforce to streamline your business operations. Pinterest is huge, with 30 million unique visitors in May 2013.

Naturally, this means they’ll enjoy a larger number of sales and profits. WANELO has it all, since over 350,000 businesses sell their products there. It is a social shopping website where everyone can sell and buy a great variety of products. But everyone can also see what other people are searching for, what they have saved and what they have bought. Its smart search engine offers spellcheck, autocomplete and smart auto-suggestion in the form of thumbnails providing a great user experience.

Are there any particular success stories from small businesses on Wanelo?

It’s also a good idea to follow the people who take part in this chat because they are Twitter power users who are more likely to engage with your brand in the future. Finally, if you decide to incorporate any of these emerging platforms in your marketing plan, make sure they are not siloed. Help campaigns with a Twitter hashtag and a series of tweets, a Facebook push, and maybe even some traditional media integration. When cosmetics brand, NARS, unveiled its new Guy Bourdin collection last winter, it first teased the products via snaps to its followers. The campaign rewarded existing fans with an exclusive preview, while also growing the hype around the product launch.

It has a section for great deals where you can find products at reasonable prices. Shopmania also has a recommended for you section where you will see top offers according to your interest. As the traffic is lower than it used to be, your customer pool will be smaller. Proper inventory management is one of the most significant advantages of the Yahoo shop.

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Users can do a direct search using the search bar, or they can simply browse by department. It also has a “Trends” option for you to see the products currently trending. There are a number of specialized shopping search engines that let you search quickly and easily for specific online retailers.

For example, if you are in the financial technology industry , your target audience is at least 18 years old and probably has a need to be met through financial services. If you are in the retail industry, you may have a specific target audience or multiple target audiences depending on the range of products you offer. If you sell toys for young children through an eCommerce site, for example, you are not just appealing to the kids themselves, but also to their parents . If you are a clothing store that offers a range of apparel for people of all ages, your target audience is much wider.

Finding look-alike audiences.

Have you ever wondered how easily can your visitors find what they are looking for in your store? Gorgias is a customer service and live-chat help desk for Shopify. Unlike Zendesk, this app has seamless integration with Shopify, so you can see the purchase history and order details for your customers. You can refund, amend, cancel or even duplicate orders within the app. Intelistyle generates automatically personalised complete the look recommendations for all the products in your store to help you cross-sell and upsell your products easily. It also has visually similar recommendations in case one of your products goes out of stock, so you don’t lose that sale. When it comes to fees, you can expect ZALORA to take a commission that ranges from 10 to 30 percent, depending on the products you’re selling.

Stories combine a group of products with editorial text that can contain hashtags and external links. Online Why You Must Include Wanelo In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy shoppers are more likely to make purchases on websites that offer augmented reality technology.


So what are some of the no-fail ways to connect with customers using social media marketing and conversion rate optimization? Last, you need an awesome social media PR representative who will keep the social media updates coming, keep your name on top of your customers’ feeds, and avoid social media pitfalls.

  • The more active users on the platform, the higher your chances are of selling more products.
  • Rise is a great app if you are looking to create a loyalty or rewards program for your customers.
  • Registering your business on Builderfly, you can start with social selling and sell globally with Google Shopping and marketplaces.
  • Now that you have a better idea of what your brand stands for, make sure that all you social media postings stay true to your brand.
  • You can also use YouTube ads to go directly to your business, your ultimate goal anyway.

You basically pay a charge, submit the necessary material (product photographs, URL, price, description, etc.), and list your stuff. Your items will then appear in relevant searches alongside comparable products that are rated by price.

Selling the products across multiple channels lets your fans, followers, & audience place orders more conveniently. For example, let’s say you are promoting your products on Facebook & one of your followers https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ likes to purchase the same. However, if you didn’t add the link to the product, they have to search for it manually. After a few link redirects, they may lose interest and purchase it later.

Why You Must Include Wanelo In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The social media aspect of Pinterest’s online shopping experience could also use some work. While it is an amazing way to share ideas and images with your friends , there is no way to create a feed that only shows images for online shopping.

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A Wanelo Story is a terrific method to create a voice for your company by showcasing up to 9 particular goods packed together. Periscope – for real-time engagement, there may be nothing better than periscope. Video is king on social media, and Periscope allows users to share video content in the most active, instant, and communal way possible. Bring your audience into your world, show them what’s important to you and bring your branding to the next level. What’s more, they’ll act fast if they know their image will be displayed on the digital sign at the front of the store, too. Nordstrom is installing video monitors in more than 100 stores to display products being shared on the social shopping app.

At the same time she began tinkering with starting a website that eventually became Wanelo. Wanelo has VCs calling, for one reason, because of the monetization options. Referral traffic to Etsy, for example, has been on the rise, becoming a major traffic source. That came to the notice last year of Sean Flannagan, who was product lead at Etsy and managed integrations with Facebook, Google and others. Flannagan has since joined Wanelo as vice president of product development. “Wanelo is intensely focused on the buyer. Etsy’s core customers are the sellers,” Flannagan says.

They have also a Shopify appthat provides customized messaging to let your customers know instantly how they can pay before they buy. Examples of few games that the successful stores are using include – game of cards, wheel of coupons, ‘spin to win’ wheel, digital badges, reel of coupons, and much more. Your customers can get styling advice from an AI stylist that will help them find what they are looking for easily. Wanelo’s demise does not spell the end of e-commerce success for those who relied on it. There are numerous Wanelo alternatives you can leverage to boost your sales. With a large customer base, listing your store on ZALORA is a no-brainer.

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