71 thoughts on “ As NY’s Eviction Moratorium Nears its End, Will Albany Pass ‘Good Cause’ Bill? ”

71 thoughts on “ As NY’s Eviction Moratorium Nears its End, Will Albany Pass ‘Good Cause’ Bill? ”

I bet you don’t realize how a middle class landlord feels when they are behind on their mortgage for 2+ years because of other people while still paying bills, feeding their families, and dealing with the stress of foreclosure

Approval of the Good Cause Eviction Bil is one of the recommendations made by CSS to curb the potential eviction crisis, along with statewide Right to Counsel and a winter eviction moratorium like the one that was passed in Seattle.

Good Cause protections already exist in a handful of New York towns, including Albany, which enacted a version modeled off the state bill last year.

“The tenant should have some protection,” Nori said. “And hopefully something like this is going to happen in Albany, but we don’t know. We’re hoping.”

What about those such as myself who are court ordered to pay child support, and at such a high rate, that we cant afford to keep up w everything. We are challenged with.paying bills.or heat, or are we going to eat tonight. We low class n struggling families and individuals severaly need the help and assitance. If we can barly cover rent, how are we ever gonna get into another suitable place…

Is my dog or pets gonna have enough food, God forbid we need a new pair of boots or theirs an emergency, becuse we are in limbo, stuck, wondering n looking for answers but to no avail…

How about you choose between paying your cell phone, internet, and cable or paying for a roof over your head? Get rid of the animal also or go homeless because of the feeding costs. You choice! You probably smoke too and probably smoke weed as well. The choice to spend your money on all these amenities over paying your rent will ultimately find you homeless. Suck it up and get rid of everything so you can pay your rent and not end up on the streets!

Did you say get rid of your animal because of feeding cost how about get rid of you because of feeding cost I didn’t care about the cellphone I don’t smoke I don’t have cable I don’t have internet but when you said get rid of your animal that shows me you never had a heart you don’t have a heart you can’t have a heart and animal is human that’s like saying get rid of your child so you can have a roof over your head God will prevail whatever needs to be done will be done I hope another than torium is past and I hope the good cause bill is passed then what I guess you will have to go bury your head in the sand again oh well

You’re a f*ingwith that attack response. You sound incredibly ignorant and hate filled. You seem like a miserable old miser that no one can stand. Try splurging for some compassion. You have no idea how some people love and yet you judge. I hop over to the web site hope karma slaps you in the head and you end up with a dose of devastation. I hope you suffer greatly just so you can understand how these people feel. Open your ignorant mind. You sound like a uneducated racist slumlord. I’ll bet you got beat up a lot as a kid. Now you’re just an overweight bitter old man tossing out stereotypical rants.

I bet your a liberal free loading mooch that wants to live off other peoples private property for free since that what liberals/socialist like you do best, take advantage and leech off the hardworking tax payers but don’t contribute a thing like the parasite you are. Using a pandemic that is no longer in the state of emergency to take advantage of hard working Americans assets. Go cry to your government for help, instead of sending them to the middle class and having us deal with their issues. Better yet why don’t you take some of those soon to be homeless people in your house and have them live with you? I bet you won’t! Lmao

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